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We are all connected

This is the world where we live I love the striking imagery in this, our world is so beautiful. Advertisements

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Incredible invertebrates

Finally back to some science after an exciting few weeks in which I secured my next job…more about that later 😉 We often hear about biodiversity and the need to protect whole ecosystems and not just the large and beautiful … Continue reading

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Would you recommend starting a blog?

At coffee a little while ago (Our whole department has coffee together at 11:00 every day, it’s very sociable) a friend asked me would I recommend starting a blog, so Jo, this post is especially for you 😉 The short … Continue reading

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Women of outstanding achievement

Having written about science and science careers recently I thought it was time to get back to some girl awesomeness! I’m hoping that in just a few sentences you’re all going to say ‘oh I know all about that already’ … Continue reading

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A wow moment

As you will already know if you read my L’Oreal foundation blog post, invertebrates are what got me interested in biology in the first place and I now work with fruit flies. Whilst I still get a huge amount of … Continue reading

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