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How much is too much?

I’m back, I’m finally back! I have a phone line, broadband and a new mobile. No bookcases yet which is going to be a problem and no TV which is a problem right now, but I’m getting there…day by day … Continue reading

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Women of outstanding achievement

Having written about science and science careers recently I thought it was time to get back to some girl awesomeness! I’m hoping that in just a few sentences you’re all going to say ‘oh I know all about that already’ … Continue reading

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Strengths – a personal epiphany!

As I mentioned in my last post my current research position is coming to an end and I’m looking for a new job, so the career options workshop organised by Women in technology last Wednesday was very timely! Although they … Continue reading

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Map of Science

The science council has been working on a really cool interactive map of scientists in the UK to highlight the wide variety of science that goes on around the country and the variety of scientific careers that people can pursue. … Continue reading

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