The life of a scientist is never dull! (Part 2)

It’s been another varied and exciting week for me as I begin the transition between my current job as a post-doc and my future job as a lecturer in biomedical science at the University of Greenwich. Thankfully it hasn’t been quite as hectic as my last ‘life of a scientist’ blog!

On Monday my priority was reading through the manuscript of the project I mentioned in my last blog and it was really satisfying to see that work start to come together into a manuscript. There is still some work to do before it’s finished but it’s lovely to see all the hard work of our graduate student coming to fruition. The course of science can seem infuriatingly slow sometimes but you just have to keep at it, the main delay has been trying to finish some genetics and that just can’t be rushed. Each generation when you breed fruit flies takes ten days, there is simply no way around it!

Tuesday I took the day off from my current job to go and visit the university I will call home from September and Kent welcomed me with some really glorious sunshine. It was lovely to have chance to visit again and I’m really looking forward to getting started.

Wednesday was all about reading, which I opted to do at home where it is quieter. I currently share an office with sixteen people and it can be hard to find even a few quiet minutes let alone several quiet hours to concentrate.

The highlight of Thursday was showing someone around the lab and what it’s like to do science (at least to do the science I do!). It was a real pleasure to do this. Many people helped me when I was young and investigating the possibility of doing science, I can never really repay them but it’s satisfying to be able to do the same for someone else.

Friday, the end of the week! One of the main jobs for the day was cleaning out the fly room, yes, even post-docs have to do chores sometimes! We do this about once a year and since everyone mucks in it’s usually done quite quickly, it’s also a fairly sociable occasion. Having managed to do a few other things and work on a paper I’m trying to write about my own work we then finished off the day with wine and cheese in our office.

So all in all lots of reading and talking this week and not many experiments, life in academic science is both varied and flexible and, for me, this is a big part of what keeps life in science fun.

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One Response to The life of a scientist is never dull! (Part 2)

  1. liz Alsbury says:

    It is always interesting to hear about life as a scientist and you make the information interesting and accesible. I am glad you enjoyed helping someone else to take up the reigns of such a career.

    Thanks again

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