Tranquil moments

We all need a quiet moment now and again and this is one of the places the Brontë sisters apparently used to go for inspiration.

There’s nothing more peaceful than listening to a little bubbling stream finding it’s way around the rocks.

Whilst science is all about evidence and logic it also requires us to be creative; to think of new approaches to a question or problem and possible solutions or theories about how something might work. When we’re writing about science we need inspiration to think of fun and interesting ways to explain something or ways to explain something complex clearly.

This is one moment from my holiday in Yorkshire that will stay with me, a place I’ll think of next time I need a tranquil moment to think or some inspiration.

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One Response to Tranquil moments

  1. liz Alsbury says:

    The balance required between the academic world and the inner creativity is absolutely essential. Thank you for sharing that important message and for the lovely photo, I can see why that is a place to return to when you need tranquility

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