Would you recommend starting a blog?

At coffee a little while ago (Our whole department has coffee together at 11:00 every day, it’s very sociable) a friend asked me would I recommend starting a blog, so Jo, this post is especially for you 😉

The short answer to this question is of course yes, what could be more fun! Although I don’t subscribe to the idea that all scientists should blog it clearly works very well for some and those of us who do blog get plenty of enjoyment out of it. It takes a little time, but not so much, after all you can blog more or less depending on how busy you are. I worried about having enough to say before I started but the more you write the more you start to think of things you could write about, so for me the limiting factor is the time to sit down and write. I haven’t suffered from writers block much yet but it’s early days, maybe I’ll write an update to this post in a year!

I enjoy blogging because it’s a chance to give expression to my reflections and it’s creative. You can write about anything you like and include anything you like, even pictures of your personal lab mascot!

*Or crazy movies!

You can even talk directly to your audience…

I love writing about science and it gives me a forum to do that where I can write in a natural free flowing way, unstilted by the confines of traditional scientific communications (Click on this, honestly, it’s fun)! I even get that wow feeling when I see how many people read what I write or when someone tells me they really liked my latest post; it feels like a privilege to have a blog even though it’s practically a birthright in the developed world.

*You can read about the science behind the shrimp on a treadmill here!

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