Some cool science fun!

One of the less glamorous aspects of working in academic scientific research is the need to constantly apply for new jobs whilst you are still quite junior. I’ve been very lucky as I’ve done two research projects back to back in the same lab so I haven’t suffered as much as my peers. With a standard three year research project you at least get a two year break from thinking about your next job but some researchers have projects that are only funded for a year or two and then the job search can seem interminable.

This is all leading up to me admitting that right now I’m very busy with job applications and interview preparation so I haven’t had time to think about much else! There are, however, two really great science projects on the web that I wanted to share with you for your amusement.

The Symphony of Science is a music project exploring science and I absolutely love it! The music and videos are beautiful and the effect is quite captivating. The latest project is the Ode to the Brain and my all time favourite is The Unbroken Thread – of course some of you will know that already because I wax lyrical about it regularly!!

You can also find some fabulous animations of the inner life of a cell and mitochondria at BioVision. Even if you don’t know what’s going on, they’re really amazing. In them you’ve become molecule size and you’re flying around inside a cell, watching some of the things that go on inside you all the time. Mitochondria are the powerhouses of your body, they provide the energy for every process, for every cell and therefore everything that you do. Without them you simply wouldn’t be alive.

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One Response to Some cool science fun!

  1. liz Alsbury says:

    I really enjoyed the symphony of the brain. Thanks for bringing this into my week.


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