Sport science girl awesomeness

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to notice this was up! Hence this is a very hastily thrown together blog post. For some serious girl awesomeness in sport check out Faye Downey’s blog at the UKRC. Not only has Faye worked with a wide variety of athletes competing at the highest level she also set up and runs her own company Oracle Elite Performance Management.

The UKRC is the UK resource centre for women in science, engineering and technology and their goal is to advance gender equality. Every two weeks they have a different guest blogger writing about their career in science, some really inspirational women have featured. If you’re already pursuing a career in science or you would like to it’s really worth a look.

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2 Responses to Sport science girl awesomeness

  1. Jess Smith says:

    A very useful blog! thanks! I have just finished a degree in sport science and didnt really know where to go next and slightly doubted the belief in myself as a female to enter the world of sport, that many would see as still very male dominated! So thanks

    • You’re welcome, glad you found in encouraging. I’m sure Faye will be delighted you were inspired and maybe in time you’ll inspire others, checked out your blog and I’m sure you’ll find your way in time. I think blogging is great both for reaching out to other people and for using the creative process to help you find your own way. My blog has definitely helped me.

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