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What’s in your genome?

With the completion of the human genome project in 2000 and advances in DNA sequencing technology it is now possible to have your own genome sequenced and discussions are starting to arise about whether it’s a good idea. For most … Continue reading

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Some cool science fun!

One of the less glamorous aspects of working in academic scientific research is the need to constantly apply for new jobs whilst you are still quite junior. I’ve been very lucky as I’ve done two research projects back to back … Continue reading

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Sport science girl awesomeness

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to notice this was up! Hence this is a very hastily thrown together blog post. For some serious girl awesomeness in sport check out Faye Downey’s blog at the UKRC. Not only … Continue reading

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Chemistry girl awesomeness

This year is the UN International Year of Chemistry! I hadn’t really taken much notice of it until the blog Philosophically Disturbed came to my attention. It’s written by an awesome girl called Magdeline Lum a.k.a ScientistMags. She is blogging … Continue reading

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What’s eating you?

When Mitch was in Afghanistan he got eaten alive by sand fleas and he asked me what they were. As is so often the case I didn’t really know, contrary to popular belief scientists don’t know everything! In fact being … Continue reading

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